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30" x 30"

Mixed media on canvas, Original Art



Magdalena is a woman who feels deeply. She has faced hardship. She is broken. She could be walking through a season of life where situations are madly swirling around with no end in sight. She is me. She is you. 


But woven into the DNA of Magdalena is so much more. 


Her name means "strong tower". Magdalena is not weak. She is not a victim of her circumstances nor is she defined by her mistakes. She doesn't get stuck in brokenness. She invites transformation. She can walk through the swirling seasons and come out victorious. She heals. She is strong. She is a tower. Magdalena is one whose circumstances and experiences are mere bricks being combined to build her strength. One who has the sensitivity and power within her to fight for those who can't fight for themselves. To guide with beautiful wisdom. Magdalena carries a fire that sets others aflame in their calling. Others are drawn to her because she is safe and she knows how to truly love. She calls out the greatness in others from a place of compassion. She is a strong tower. She is us. 


  • Original art titled: 'MAGDALENA'

    Size: 30" x 30"

    Medium: Mixed media, acrylics on 7/8" thick canvas

    Created March 2023


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