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Giclèe* on watercolor paper, printed on demand (processing estimated time: 5-7 business days)

*Giclèe is a high-quality reproduction created with an inkjet printer.


He is universally recognized as the King of the jungle and his image evokes a sense of royalty. He is majestic and powerful, terrifying and mesmerizing, all at once! His roar is distinct and unlike any other creature. His vocal cords are uniquely designed to ensure when you hear his voice there is no doubt the King is present. I believe everyone - regardless of race, gender, nationality or economic status - has these traits within them. You were designed for royalty.


SKU: 632835642834572
  • Original art print titled: 'LION'

    Size: various options; other sizes available upon request. 

    Medium: Giclèe on watercolor paper

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