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Mixed Media on Canvas



The word 'jaguar' comes from the indigenous word 'yaguara', which means 'he who kills with one leap'. The jaguar has an exceptionally powerful bite allowing them to pierce the shells of armored reptiles, like tortoises and alligators, and to employ an usual killing method... biting directly through the skull of their prey. 


Sometimes all it takes is for us to take one leap toward that thing we want most. That one leap may be the scariest, but i say borrow some strength from the jaguar and take the leap! One leap can be exactly what you need to catapult you to the heights you desire. 


One leap.


SKU: ONE LEAP (jaguar)
  • Original Art titled: 'ONE LEAP'

    Size: 24"x30"

    Medium: Mixed Media on Canvas

    Created October 2022

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