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GRACE. A word that some choose to use as a sort of magical bandaid to cover unbecoming acts. In my life I have found GRACE to be a much more powerful word. To me, grace is a divine (yes, God-given) empowerment that is reflected in the way I live my life. An empowerment that inspires me towards honorable actions and also imparts strength to walk through the tough stuff and resist temptations to go in directions I shouldn’t. I am so thankful for this kind of Grace. I need it daily. 


My desire is that the owner of this piece would be reminded daily that there is a beautiful GRACE readily available to live soaring above the status quo. ✨💙✨🤍✨


SKU: GRACEframed
  • Original Art titled: 'GRACE'

    Size: 24" x 36" total, Dyptich

    Medium: Mixed Media on Canvas

    Created March 2022

    **Framed in beautiful gold floating frames! 

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